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When to start seeds ...In oklahoma

When should I start pepper and tomato seeds inside? I am in the north central part of Oklahoma and am getting excited about starting a hobby of gardening. What other veggies are the best for starting seeds soon?

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Well, I am in South Dakota, so I start my Tomatoes around End of March or Early April. I start my peppers in February, I would imagine it would be much much sooner for your.

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Looks like you are either in zone 6 or 7, so (surprisingly enough) not that different from me here in Ohio in zone 6b. And it also looks like your average last frost date may be about the same as mine, around mid April:

I like to get a jump on the season, so I start pepper seeds around beginning of February, tomatoes around Valentine's Day. I'm impatient and push the season, so you probably would not want to go earlier, could be later.

Here's a thread where we've been discussing these issues:

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I'm in Oklahoma (zone7a) I will start my pepper seeds around Feb. 10 and my tomato seeds around Feb. 20. I try to wait to transplant outside until May 1st. [url][/url] here is the link to the Oklahoma garden planning guide, it has more information on dates to plant different veggies out. I also start eggplant seeds when I start my tomato seeds.

Rainbowgardener, I use alot of the planting dates from zone 6b instead of from zone 7b here in Oklahoma we have such crazy weather.

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