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Pulverised Basalt?

Anyone know where to purchase Pulverised Basalt.
I was told it works great for tomatoes.

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Don't know who told you that. It's rock dust. It might add some trace minerals. But I googled it, not having heard of it, and didn't find very much and what there was looked pretty fringe-y and not trust worthy. Good organic fertilizers, that have things like kelp would feed your plants better and have minerals...

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check your local rock quarry's if you have any. most of the time they will give you the real fine stuff for free or VERY cheap. I got one ton( yes a ton..) of rock dust for 5$..... more than I will ever need even for my large garden. I just had to make a few trips in my truck haha.

rock powders are good for minerals and stimulate soil microbial life.

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