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Storing tomatoes for winter use


I got lucky (or maybe I do have that green thumb after all) with my first garden and have tons of tomatoes that we have eaten and shared with almost everyone I know. I still have tons of tomatoes left. I froze a bunch of them whole (skin and all) according to one post that I had read last month. Recently came across a post that recommended that all vegetables should be blanched prior to freezing due to an enzyme that will cause off taste. Does this mean I should not freeze whole tomatoes? What is the advantage of removing skin and quartering prior to storing vs. freezing whole tomatoes (other than space saving)?

Thanks for tips/recommendations


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Ridding excess water and pulp before freezing helps to prevent the destruction of natural flavor and texture of tomatoes when thawed. Blanching helps to lengthen preservation and it also aids in peeling. Another advantage is convenience. It would be easier to blanch, peel and deseed prior to freezing since the tomatoes will be fresh and firm (not soft and water-logged).

To blanch: Bring water to a rolling boil. Core the tops of the tomatoes and slit a shallow X in the bottom. Blanch for 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the amount in the pot. You don't want to use too much at once, as this would drop the boil. Afterward, immediately shock in a bowl of ice-water to halt cooking. Peeling should be very easy at this point. Quarter, deseed, drain and freeze.

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