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Tomato Leaf - brown spots - unsure of problem

Hi all, I'm Rhys and this is my first post on here. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I have 6 tomato plants growing outside in the UK. They are in growbags, 3 'Favorita F1' and 3 'Marmande'. It's been a fairly wet summer here.

On the leaves of one of my Marmande plants, I have started getting these brown spots on some of the leaves, starting at the top of the plant. The leaves feel slightly firm and brittle, and I have attached a photo as below. I've done some reading, but cannot put my finger on what is causing this. Could anyone help me out?


Thanks for any help,


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Although quite rare there is one problem that could be affecting your plants Rhys.

That is Maganese toxicity.( excess.)
It can appear in growbag plants due to a low Ph which allows an increase in manganese released to the plant.
It often happens in soils that have been sterilized.
If in doubt check the soil Ph. If very low add lime to bring it up to as near 7.5 as possable.


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