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My older daughter has never liked tomatoes and says the smell of fresh tomatoes makes her sick. I've always encouraged her to respect/listen to her body's instincts -- I believe if her body is telling her to reject it, then she's better off not eating it. She DOES enjoy ketchup -- when she was about 2 or 3, there was a time when I said "only vegetable she eats is ketchup" :lol: but she's never wanted to eat tomato/pasta sauce. On the other hand, she eats pizza, but pizza sauce is usually made from tomato paste.

Maybe the thorough cooking process breaks down whatever bothers her about tomatoes.

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I'll no longer view my two daughters as being peculiar in not liking fresh tomatoes. They will eat any form of tomatoes that are cooked or processed, but have a strong aversion to fresh tomatoes. As you say, maybe the reaction is each daughter's body telling her something.
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I think tastes change as we age and mature. I used to not like fresh tomatoes, and this year I ate blt's with gusto. I still don't care for them in salads, however. And I'm getting way more tolerant of cheese too. But if you really have a reaction to something, like an allergy, it's best to avoid that food. I'm allergic to soy lecithin but I avoid all soy products just to be safe. I get hives :oops:

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I used to not like Tomato sauce,pasta sauce,pizza,ketchup.etc..But as i have gotten a little older i love pizza,Spaghetti sauce and am trying to grow any type of tomato possible.It is strange how our tastes change as we mature :?
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I also used to break out in hives and swell up when I ate tomatoes which I have always loved. This was back when I was in Jr. High school, very hard time on a girl to be swollen and hivey (yuck! what's wrong with you?!) But we discovered after lots of shots and tests-I was always allergic to lots of things as a child-It was the salt that caused the problem. Tomatoes are naturally high in salt and for a year or two I couldn't tolerate salt on or in anything. Then by itself it went away.
o the write with the acid reflux, lots of bread may help. I need to eat bread when I drink wine for that reason and I AM NOT giving up wine!
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