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Help tomato worms/ getting rid of Sevin

I need help fast My mother told me to put seven on my plants and I did and then like a bad gardner I read up on it online after the fact now I want it off my plants its only been on for an hour what should I do?????

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Well, I appreciate that you learned your lesson and maybe next time won't be so ready to spray poisons around without at least reading up on them. Here's a previous thread with info about Sevin : https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8520

However, I don't think any of the info is about how to put the genie back in the bottle, which sounds difficult. If you rinse it off, you just put the poison in the soil. Best bet to at least reduce the concentration might be to try vacuuming your plants, with the handheld brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Then pitch the vacuum cleaner bag when done.

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Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. A single application of seven, or any other garden approved pesticide doesn't pose any kind of meaningful threat. Repeated exposure over a life time becomes a different matter. I've used seven and many other chemicals in my gardening area. Don't use such now, or only use them very sparringly, but am certainly not going to waste my life force by worrying about residuals from past chemical use. When we first moved out here in 1979, I tore down an old mule barn that had not been used in at least thirty years. In the middle of removing the structure I got hit with a pleasant ordor that I had not smelled in two or three decades. It was the fresh smell of DDT. For some reason I always loved that smell, pretty weird I guess, but the odor brought back childhood memories of driving through the open crop lands in the fifties and early sixties, smelling the fresh spray of cotton poison (DDT). But anyway, there that cotton dust was, sitting within a few feet of where my current garden is. Probably many decades of pesticide use have been broacast on that soil. IMO time will heal the land and my current avoidance of chemicals probably makes my home grown veggies much better than the commercial foods which continue to be covered in fresh poison, plus have fifty year's worth of chemical residue in the soil. So rinse those plants, or not. Don't worry about it, just adjust going forward. That little bit of sevin is not likely to hurt anyone, and is already breaking down into byproducts that will be dissolved and washed away, and solids will eventually disburse to the extent that the slight long term residue will barely be measureable.

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