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Curling Tomato Leaves - Why?

I just noticed this and am hoping someone can tell me what it is. First time posting pics, so I hope this works.




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what is wilting tomato leaves?

Sorry you didn't get a response. I guess no one was too sure, because it is a bit unusual looking. I'm not sure what it is, but probably some kind of wilt or blight, i.e. fungal disease.

Here's a link to pictures of some kinds of tomato leaf problems to try to help identify:

Here's an image of late blight which seems to be a scourge in some parts of the country right now:

Type late blight into search box in upper left of most pages and you will find more information about it.

Since you posted a week ago, if it was a disease like that, it's probably progressed a lot more. In that case you likely just need to pull and discard the plants (NOT in the compost pile).

If your plants don't seem badly affected and you want to try to save them you can try this:

1 tablespoon of baking soda
½ teaspoon of liquid soap
1 gallon of water

Be sure the soap is soap, not detergent, which can harm your plants.

Helpful Gardener has also been recommending a solution of milk and water as a fungus treatment.

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