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Rainy season, should I bring tom. plants under carport?

Hi everyone, well rain has hit finally, it rained this morning and is starting to sprinke again forcast is for rain all week long. Will continue to do this up untill fall. Should I bring my tomatoe plants under the carport They have looked better this week than they have for about three weeks with the heat. The leaves have curled before, and they are doing better. Afraid of all the rain ruining tomatoes that are forming and root rot. :( Opinions would greatly be appreciated. :) Tammy

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Why would they suffer root rot? Do your containers have drainage holes? Or do you fear the drain trays retaining too much water? If that's the case, simply let the containers drain until a tray/saucer is full, then empty the saucer.

Will the plants receive good sun in the carport? Or will you have to be their servant, fetching and carrying them to follow the sun and avoid the rain for the rest of the week?

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