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Urgent - Broken Branch :(

this is the second branch of the same tomato plant snapping off in one week. even after i caged it with bamboo sticks.
Please can anyone tell me that the suggestion made in the bottom will help or i am re-rooting the plant in water, thats better?
There are tiny buds growin on them
I am growing 'Ultra Sweet' indeterminate variety

"My suggestion would be to take the broken part and reconnect it to the origional split. From here use a couple of bamboo skewers to act as splints and tie to two ends together. Make sure you use a soft fabric so that it doesn't cut into the already damaged stem. An old or new pair of tights will work a treat. (I am currently using an old T-shirt as the donor.) The benefits of using tights are that the allow breathing, sunlight to work its magic whilst still providing a good solid yet expandable foundation from which to work. I would heartily recommend tieing both parts of the split to the splint (obviously) but also use some of the nylon to act as duct tape around the affected joint. This will provide valuable added strength to thejoin whilst it heals.
This may not work but it is better than waiting for rooting as the buds and fruit set may be lost."

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