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Tomato Plant Wilt

I'm having issues with wilt on my tomato plant. I started it from a seed - Super Sweet 100 Hybrid (Cherry type). Can anyone identify the type and recommend a solution? I'm hoping its only a bit of sun scorch...
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I don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, because it is *possible* that this is a temporary condition.

But please look at all the photos and discussion in

where the possibility of fusarium wilt was discussed.

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There are a few of things that can do that to a plant, none of them are good. If the stem has blotchy blemishes it could be bacterial wilt. fusarium is often identifiable by how it affects the plant. It starts in a root and blocks off vascular tissue so that it often only affects one side of the plant at first. You will get wilted, and then later yellowing leaves one above the other rather than alternating, as with leaf age.

I don't think there is a lot you can do about it. Systemic chemicals that might save the plant would not be good to ingest. I generally just let the plant wind down and salvage any fruit that ripen in that time because it hits me late in the season, but pulling it might be better once you know what the problem is or if the plant looks like it is definitely cooked (I.e. much of it is badly affected).

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