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I have my First Tomatoes Ever!

I am so excited right now :) The tomato plants that were the first ever plants that I bought, which I transplanted into the first ever garden that I created myself (and believe you me, it took a lot of work to dig out the prairie that was there before), are now producing my first ever home grown tomatoes!

The Early Girl (I still don't know whether it's a bush or not, the plastic thingie says 'determinate' but the label says just plain 'Early Girl', and the plant is a bit over 24" right now) has three tomatoes and the Generic Tomato Plant (so named because the label from Bonnie said 'Tomato' on it and nothing else) has two, plus some wrinkly old brown blossoms which I hope will turn into even more fruit.

The 'maters have been growing for just over a week now and they're already the size of 'shooter' marbles, if anybody remembers what those look like. Interestingly, the Early Girl and the Generic Tomato Plant are neck and neck, I didn't think the GTP would be an early variety, but I guess I was wrong. I'm seriously considering re-naming it to something like Early Prairie Star, sounds more descriptive than 'Tomato', don't you think?

I must be doing something right! I'm the first one to have tomatoes on my block. And we'll soon be up to our ears in tomatoes, there are dozens of flowers in various stages on each plant.

Can't wait! As soon as I figure out how to post pictures, I'll get some up.

Sybil Vimes [/img]

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YAY!! tomatoes!

Isn't it a great feeling! Even better when you actually get to pick and eat one! Congratulations.

Early Girl is an indeterminate tomato.

Here's a link to instructions on posting pics:

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Congratulations! It's a great feeling to see the fruits of your labor finally showing up.

Let us know how those generic tomatoes work out! ;)

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Woot! I remember when I first saw fruit forming on my plants last year. This year I'm getting blossoms so fruit will be right around the corner. Happy dance!

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This is my second year and I have Early Girl in my bunch too. I got like 6 different varities on my garden and por of my dad and bro who were the one that got the soil ready again :wink: I probably have some growing already if i could figure out which plant is which. Its really exciting.


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Congrats Sybil! I took on 21 tomato plants this year six of which I grew from seed in my house (Porterhouse Hybrid). I have Rutgers and Brandywine as well. Loads of flowers! It may be because we have had hot weather early in the season as well as lots of rain and some chilly occasional days. I can't wait to share my harvest with friends & family - bring out the basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and mozzerella!!!

Eat, Sleep, Garden and ... then Eat What You've Grown!

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Congratulations, Sybil_Vimes(4a)! :D

Nice to "see" you again, Brandywinegirl! :D

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