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Better Boy Tomato Plant

I purchased my first Better Boy Tomato plant recently in a 5 gal container. I kept it in the container for 6 weeks but it got to big I transplanted it into the ground. It is doing well, still growing and lots of tomatoes (still green) but some of them have brown rotting spots on the bottom of them. I planted it in the ground mixing flower/vegatable mulch and I use tomato plant food once a month. What is causing the rotting?

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This is just a guess but it might be where the blossom didn't fall off as the tomato was growing.

I have had this happen before and I try to check and make sure that the blossom is not stuck to the bottom of the tomato.

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It sounds like it might be blossom end rot. You will find a good discussion of it, including some organic treatments, in this thread:


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I concur with other posts. Check out this site:


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