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Tomatoes, some short, some tall, so what.

I planted 5 varieties of tomatoes 4 weeks ago. The reason I always plant several varieties of tomatoes is because you never know what the weather will do each year, some varieties do better than others in different weather conditions. My tomatoes usually all do fine but some grow faster than others and some produce better than others, etc. No matter what the weather does 1 or 2 of these varieties will do great. This year we have had some very wet weather rain 26 days out of 30 days every month. the past 2 years were hot and dry 100 deg and rain only once a month. I have several plants that are taller than 48". Check the pics one plant is 52" tall another is 50" and several are 46" to 48". 2 plants died and I have a few plants that are only 2 ft tall. I had 2 volunteer tomatoe plants come up in next to my compost so I transplanted them to the location where the 2 plants died. Plants will be growing out of the top of my cages soon then growing down to the ground. It sure would be nice if I could make the plants stop growing ay 5 ft tall, dream on. I feed the plants lime, 15/15/15 fertilizer and Ammonium Nitrate once a week and they do very well. I use to have 6 ft tall cages they were hard to deal with so I don't use them anymore. I use to grow tomatoes on a 7 ft tall post I think this is actually the very best way to grow tomatos but it is more work than cages. When I was younger I grew all my tomatoes on a 7 foot tall post but now I do cages.

Click the link. Then click the picture and it will get larger. I have a 48" yard stick standing next to the plant.

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350-Good job.Those plants look great.I agree with doing different varieties,some things are doing great for me this year and some are doing terrible.So i planted more to see if i can keep em coming.Good luck :)
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tall tomatoes

Yeah, my tomatoes are now starting to outgrow the cages. I sometimes put another cage on top, open end to open end and twist tie them together. But you can slow them down by pinching out the growing tips, once they are a healthy size.

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Nice pics! When you say "using a 7 foot post", would you mind explaining exactly what you mean? Do you just place a 7 foot stake along the main stem and tie it as it grows?


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