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Cytokinins to Set Tomato Blossoms?

Has anyone had experience with using Cytokinins ( kinetin?) to set tomato and/or other veggie blossoms?
Found 2 bottles when I cleaned out a deceased neighbor's planting shed - no expiration date and pricey enough at $8.79 to be fairly new. Our area had a shortage of good bees last spring and summer, thought I might try this product if the bees don't show up soon but information from all you experts is always good!

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Try Blossom Set

What was your neighbor growing? Stuff outside, stuff in the basement? Pot growers use this stuff. Never had any experience with it, just "Blossom Set" for tomatoes. Blossom set worked for me until daytime temps got over 85-90°, then didn't seem to do much good.

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