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Spindly tomatoe stems.

I started tomatoes from seed 3 wks. ago, came up fine but now are getting very leggy stems. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Leggy is all about lighting. Try grow bulbs or a better window...

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I have tomatoes , cukes and peppers i grew from seed indoors. The stems looked pretty weak at first but after a month in my picture window facing west they perked up considerably. New at this but I think I have learned they need alot of light, heat and watering. Now I am waiting for the weather to break so I can harden them. That was something I learned on the forum. You will get aot of good advice here. :)

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If they are lanky, like someone said above, the plants are not getting enough light, just get some cheap florescent, or a 4 foot shop light, which are very cheap. Also, I would repot them, up to the seed leaves, so they grow a thicker stem. Happy Gardening all!
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spindly seedlings

everything Brian S said is exactly right, except I'd go farther and say take the seed leaves off and pot them up to the first true leaves. The whole stem will grow roots and the plant will be better off for it.

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I would take all the advice given and go another step and use an oscillating fan (on low and at a distance) to "gently" provide an occasional breeze. The gentle wiggling of the stem will produce a stockier plant and stronger roots.
Like this Stump of the World Seedling...

Grown 2 inches under 6500k shop lights and a small fan blowing on it at times...

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