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old soil questions

I have some unhealthy looking tomatoe plants and pepper plants. I am thinking or throwing them out and starting over, neither is bearing and veggies and they are in pots. ahpids is one problem and yellow and brown leaves another. anyway my question is about the soil. since they are in pots do I have to throw the soil away too? is it diseased and contaminated with bugs or can I reuse it?

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Well, this really isn't a rose question; I will move this to the Veggie forum later...
Vegetables really want to be in the ground; the bad guys are showing up
because you have stressed plants. They are not so much the problem as a response to it. Bugs don't attack healthy plants.

Yellow and brown leaves could be fungus, bad watering (too much or too little), incorrect soil mix (my guess)or just about anything. You may want to start over at this point; veggie plants are big and cheap this time of year. Do it soon though...


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Hi Estro,
Good advice from Scott. When you start over, be sure and wash your pots in a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water, wear old clothes and gloves and rinse well. Let the pots dry.

Take a look at these sites for some help in raising your tomatoes and peppers. Also, sometimes removing the first flowers will force the plants to produce more because it wants to produce fruit so it will have seeds.


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