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Lots of small green tomatoes

Is there a point at which a green tomato is "ready" to pick, or rather, does a green tomato need to be so far along before you can pick it for use? I have lots of greenies, most of which are about half the size (or less) of the ones that turned ripe. I don't want them going to waste!

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I'm not sure but when I pulled all the plants I took off all the tomatoes even the small ones and put them on a table in the garage. Some are turning read and some aren't. I don't eat tomatoes so I'll have to wait till the wife has some to tell me if they are fine doing it that way. If not O well off to the compost bin.

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From what I always understood... a tomato that's started to change color, say from the normal darker unripe green to a shade or so lighter, that tomato will ripen either on or off the vine.
Try to protect these tomatoes from any kind of wind or breeze as at this stage the tomato produces a gas that promotes the ripening stage.
If a frost is forecasted, I either pick and wrap them in newspaper if there's only a few, or pull the whole plant, knock the dirt off and hang them upside down in the garage.

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