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Splitting Big Boys

We have 3 different types of tomato plants. I have 4 that I started from seeds 1 I have no idea where it came from but it's doing well and the one Big Boy that my wife bought because she didn't think the ones I stared as seeds would grow. Now I treat them all the same even though the ones I stared from seeds are better :wink: But I'm having a problem with the Big Boys cracking a lot at the top. All the other ones are having no problems cracking. Am I just watering the big boys to much? I haven't fertalized them except for egg shells and compost. Thoughts?

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Some percentage of cracking is natural even under the best of conditions, even with hybrids that have been bred for crack resistance. It is difficult to induce cracking by watering because generally you are just giving the plants enough water to stay healthy. The problem comes when you get enough rain to really saturate the soil and significantly dilute the dissolved substances. You could stop watering, which will affect fruit size, or try root pruning where you stick a shovel down no closer than about a foot away from the plant and cut the roots here and there, no more than half the diameter around the plant, but this has serious affects on the plant.

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