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Black spots on leafs

Sorry for what might be a simple question but with a complete lack of experience I’m clueless , I have these tomatoes growing fantastically they are producing fruits just about to ripen , but I have these black spots appeared on the leaves no yellow rings around them and the leaves on some are curling up slightly on some then dropping on others and looks to be spreading . Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Black spots on leafs

I will guess septoria.

This shows up quite often in my tomatoes but seldom amounts to a reason to pull a plant. That is, at least, what I believe it is. Some black spots on leaves that maybe I should remove. The plants generally progress through the season and produce good fruit despite the problem.

I don't know your location but I have found useful information from Cooperative Extension websites at considerable distance from where I garden. One of these is Cornell:

Wishing you the best of luck.

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