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I get both too. I also like that you can send them your extra seed to send out to others too. A way to "give back" if you can't afford to donate $.

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I recently ordered from wintersow. I did both so I could share some with my mom. I haven't planted them yet so I don't know how great they produce, but they did send a decent amount of seed types. The thing to remember is that the general seeds is whatever they have at the time. The great thing with the tomato is that you can pick the types you want. Apparently you can order both from them twice a year, which I was surprised about. I am too lazy to type it all out again :> but I did a post on each. Here are the links if anyone finds that helpful: ... seeds.html ... seeds.html

- I hope that's not considered a plug for my blog- it's just that I did a decent review on what they sent with pictures and descriptions. If there is a problem with putting my blog on here let me know and I will edit this post and remove the links.

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