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2011 Seed Trade List Looking for Veggies or ???

(S) - Seed saved in my garden
(T) - Seeds I have traded for
(C) - Commercial seed I have either bought or traded for
Number of seeds per trade is listed with most seeds however, I'm open to any size. 7 for 7 or 50 for 50 if I have that many :-) All my saved seeds are open pollinated and NOT isolated.
Sweet Peppers - 25 seeds per trade
Calif, Wonder Bell Pepper(S)
Red Bell Pepper(S)
Yellow Bell Pepper(S)
Orange Bell Pepper(S)
Sweet Chocolate Cherry Bell(S)
Anaheim (S)
Aji Dulce (limited)(S)
Sweet Banana(S)
Tangerine Pimento(S)
Hot Peppers - 25 seeds per trade
Alma Paprika(S)
Thai Long (S)
Peter Pepper - Red (S)
White Habanero (T)
Tomatoes - 25 seeds per trade (fermented)
Striped Roman(S)
Striped Stuffer(S)
Yellow Pear(S)
Hillbilly (Limited)(S)
Banana Legs(S)
Lettuce - @ 1 tsp.
Flashy Trout’s Back(S)
Tom Thumb(S)
Red Oak Leaf(S)
Green Oak Leaf(S)
Deer Tongue(S)
Rogue De Hiver
Spinach - 30 seeds
Bloomsdale Long Standing (T)
Viroflay (G)
Peas - 15 seeds per trade
Oregon Sugar Pod(S)
Thomas Laxton(S)
Early Frosty Hull(S)
Green Arrow
Little Marvel
Sugar Snap
Beans - 15 seeds per trade
White Seeded Pole Bean(S)
Case Knife(T)
Turkey Craw(S)
Scarlet Runner(S)
Herbs - 25 seeds per trade
Garlic Chives(S)
Sweet Basil(S)
Lemon/Lime Basil Mix(S)
Blue Love in a Mist(S) 15 seeds per trade (S)
Marigold - sm. Orange(S)25 seeds per trade (S)
Sweet Pea - Burgundy/Pink(S)15 seeds per trade(S)
Yellow Flag Iris - 10 seeds per trade (S)
Ruellia Mexican Petunia Pink (T)
Siberian Iris (T)
Love in a Puff Balloon Vine
Tall Sweet Williams Mix (red, pink, white)
Poppy - Cabbage Pink
White peony
Shirley ?
Oriental Poppy - Orange
Salmon Pink colored
2010 Seeds
Sweet Peppers - 25 seeds
Purple Bell (T) *Limited
Cal-Wonder Bell Pepper (T)
Lg. Red Bell Pepper (T) *Limited
Green Bell Pepper (S) NOID
Yellow Bell Pepper (T)
Hot Peppers - 25 seeds
Aji Lemon Drop (S)
Hot Cherry (T) *Limited
Cayenne (T)
Black Hungarian (S)
Alma Paprika (S)
Pimento (T) NOID
Ancho (S)
Tomatoes - 25 seeds
VR Moscow
Beans - 15 seeds per trade
Christmas Lima
Soldier Bean
Pink Eye Purple Hull Cowpeas
Egg Plant - 25 seeds
Black Beauty
Okra Burgundy
Tobacco - 1/2 tsp. (1000's)
Oriental Red Leaf
(These may be cross polinated)
Dianthus Barbatus Cherry Parfait (T)
Portulaca Magic Carpet (T)
Astilbe Visions in Pink (T)
Northern Sea Oats (T)
Bunny Tails Grass (T)
Blackberry Lily mixed (T)
Snapdragon Tall Pink (T)
Tall mixed NOID (T)
Cosmos Candy Stripe (T)
White/Rose (T)
Sulpher (T)
Psych (S)
Marigold short orange/bronze mix (S)
tall single flower yellow and orange (S)
Lemon Drop
Malva Zeberina
Morning Glory Mixed NOID (T)
Tecoma Stans Orange Jubilee (T)
Trumpet Vine Orange(S)
Mimosa Silk Tree (S)
Lupin Russels Mixed (T)
Purple NOID (T)
Hollyhock Black NOID (T)
Cleome Violet Queen (T)
Pink/White NOID (T)
Mixed NOID (T)
Columbine Mixed NOID (T)
Rudbeckia Sonora
Clasping Coneflower Yellow NOID
Unknown color NOID
Black eyed Susan (T)
Brown eyed Susan (T)
Peacock flower (T)
Hosta Dark Green Leaf NOID (T)
Plantain (T)
Royal Standard (T)
Rose of Sharon Lavander with red eye(T)
Calendula Citrus smoothie mix (S)
Clematis Arctic Queen
Turtle Head
White trumpet Lily
Joe Pye Weed
Delphenium NOID

Thanks for looking!

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you have so many seed?

what are you looking for?

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hi, great seed list. I wondered what you are looking for?

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Hello I would love to trade some seeds with you! What kind's of seeds are you looking for? ~ Nicky~

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Hello, My name is Michael Lanclos - I live around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

I want to find out if you still have some Love in the Mist seeds.

I have Heirloom Tomato seeds, Cow Horn Okra, Watermelon Radish and Lemon Cucumber seeds.

If interested in swaping I will email the list of Heirloom tomato seeds I have to offer. Please email me at

Regards Michael Lanclos

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I would be interested in trading for wht. habaneros and red peter peppers what are you looking for?

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