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I have Tagasaste seed's to trade.

I have some of last years harvested Tagasaste (which is also known in as Australia as white tree Lucerne or if you are from America I believe Lucerne is known as alfalfa) seeds left in storage. And in two months I will be harvesting this year seeds.

I'm looking to trade. If you have anything in mind to trade please don't hesitate to let me know? I would prefer a productive or food crop.

This is a list of uses for Tagasaste with the experiences that I have had with it.
Tagasaste is an excellent fodder crop, It also make a reasonable hot, fast burning firewood that is quick growing, green feed for poultry, worm food and bedding, grate for composting for use as mulch or top dressing of soil much like a fertilizer, horse feed - as they apparently do particularly well on it, a fast growing windbreak, nitrogen fixer, ideal shade and shelter - for plants and animals that require such conditions to thrive, fire retardant because it being evergreen and without any oil content in the leaves.
These are not all the uses of Tagasaste, but rather those limited by my lack of imagination and experience, over abundance of forgetfulness or taking things for granted that should be included here.
Thank you in advance from me Nickolas.

here is a link to a website that has a lot of Picture’s of tagasaste.

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