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New list of seeds to swap

This is what I have....

Flower seeds
=white maltese cross
=sweet william dianthus
=psycho white cosmos
=tinkerbell tobaco
=white 4 oclocks
=velvet queen sunflower
=double balsam
=simply love hibiscus
=standing cypress
=pink w/white cleome
=morning glories-mixed
=morning glories-scarlet ohara
=blackberry lily
=orange poppy
=pink larkspur
=lemon slice hibiscus
=cypress vine-mixed
=love in a mist-nigella
=siberian iris
=helianthus sunflower
=black eyed susan
=lambs ear
=gloriosa daisy
=pink foxglove
=african daisy
=maroon hibiscus
=catalpa tree
=allium lg.
=maroon castor bean
=aubrieta-whitewell gem
=bohemian rhapsody sunflower
=jewels of opar
=mimosa-not sure which kind. seed trade
=blood flower
=adams needle yucca
=dwarf goatsbeard
=white mallow
=pink muhly grass
=majestic marigold
=johnny jump up
=bright lights cosmo
=orlaya grandiflora
=balloon flower
=cape daisy
=mimosa pudica
=celosia-pink flamingo
=roman chamomile
=double touch me nots
=pampas grass

Veggie/Fruit seeds
(I only have 1 or maybe 2 trades of these)
=red pear tomato
=burdock herb
=beefsteak tomato
=parsley-moss curled
=cushaw melon
=santa clause melon
=winter melon

I am interested in sedum.. any houseplants. (except spider plants, jade or pothos)
I am not picky.. so show me what you got! I am not interested in any veggie seeds.


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I have some:
- Rose of Sharon
- Morning Glory (Purple)
- Forget Me Not (Blue)
- Zinnia (Mix)
- Lupin (Hybrids)

Would you be interested in trading any of these for your Pink Foxglove seeds?



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