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Himilayan Blackberry Seeds

this is more of an in case any one is interested and wont be available until next year...but I have himilayan blackberries that grow wild, you can look them up on the internet and if anyone wants me to save any seed from this years crop ill home dry some and send them to you....ill have to figure it out on the home drying as they are a pain to deseed, but i would be more than willing to try for those interested....btw himilayans get about 1/2"x1" + in size, very big breed of blackberry and here in Ohio people view them as pest plants but they are awesome berries and i love them :)

they started popping up last year and we didn't get very many mostly the smaller variety of blackberry but ive been checking my vines for this years crop and they are very heavy and hardy vines already developing vegetation and readying themselves for this summer to produce.

google images search Himilayan Blackberry and you will see what we have growing...if interested send me a PM and i will try to figure out how to get some seeds saved this summer for you guys for next year....happy gardening :)

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