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I'm looking for the following if anyone has them..

white eggplant:

graffiti eggplant:

and banana peppers (non-ornamental) - looking for the big normal ones.

personally i don't have anything worth trading, my seeds are common honestly and a lot are harvested from store bought peppers.. other seeds i have are from ebay... but yer free to have some of what i got if you would like..

but if anyone has a couple of these they could spare i would appreciate it.

PM me..
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Sorry, I can't help you on the seeds. I grew the white eggplant in my 09 summer garden and they produced well but didn't save any seeds from the plants. I will put them in again this spring since I get them from a local nursery by the 4 or 6 pack depending on how many I want. I usually grow 2 varieties, the basic purple called the Black Beauty and the all white.

True story----my wife and I were at a local supermarket in the summer of 09 and we were browsing the produce section. We saw the large purple eggplant for something like $1.20 a lb. and I saw the white eggplant priced at close to $6 a lb. I almost fell over since I had 4 plants that were giving me all the eggplant I could eat and then some. It's not like it is some type of exotic plant, just a bit different than usual for these parts.

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