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Carnivorous plant seeds?

I have a NEW PROJECT!. :wink:
I want to try growing some carnivorous plants from seeds this year. 8)
Since they sell those "kits" of plastic "bioodome" and seeds, I'm assuming it's not too difficult.

I'm interested in sundews in particular. If they can be identified as native to NJ, even better. I'm open to trying to grow Venus Fly Traps as well, though I'm still working on technique to overwinter them. (Another reason to grow from seeds, I suppose, rather than losing them and buying a new plant yeach year. :roll: I have two native pitcher plants that are no care and can live outside and overwinter. I'm not sure how well I'll do with ones that need to be brought inside.

So if anyone has seeds, please let me know. I'm new to seed swapping and am not sure what I can offer. I mean I have a whole bunch of seeds, but I'm still trying to organize them better. :lol: I guess some of the more unusual are birdhouse gourd seeds and rice seeds. I have other seeds like tomatoes and hot peppers, cucumbers, squash and gourds, etc. but I'm not confident about my seed saving techniques so I can't say for sure that they will grow to be the same as the parent varieties. I can, of course, send SASE.

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I wonder if you could get them to over winter by just building a sort of cold frame to drop over the plants in the winter, and maybe add some compost for extra heat. Not to mention little things like painting the outside black and the inside white. Just ideas. Let me know if you find seeds! Sound like a cool project.

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