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A seed saving mission

Hey everyone,
Since I started gardening my family and I have been blessed with a garden fruitful enough to provide us with lots of fresh food to last us all year long. As a way of "spreading the wealth" I am looking for veggie varieties that are heavy on the seeds. My goal for the year is to save every seed possible from the garden and put together "garden starter kits" for my church to provide not only to local families. But also families throughout the country, and all over the world. I am willing to trade for heavy seeding plants, just let me know what you're looking for and I'll tell ya what I have!

I feel like common and easy to grow veggies are the best. Things that require lots of attention and/or special growing conditions will not be good as most of the recipients of the seeds will be first time gardeners. But heavy seeding varieties of things like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers will be good both for me as I can put together more kits with more seeds, and good for the people that receive them because they will be able to spread their garden farther even if they don't have tremendous success the first year.

Thanks everyone for looking. And if anyone has seeds they just wanna add to the pile for the kits, that'd be great too!

Happy Gardening! Good luck to everyone getting ready to start getting those seeds started. :)

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i have several heirloom tomatoes that gets a lot of seeds. banana legs[which is very prolific], tiger stripe[also seedy,awesome flavor], several other heirloom tomatoes that arent quite as seedy thoughbut ill send you a packet if interested. what do you have? also have mixed basil,cayenne pepper, cushaw squash[which have lots of seeds]. lmk

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I don't remember the name of the company, but I know there's a charity that needs seeds and also gives seeds.
Anyone know what organization I mean?
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