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My haves for your haves! Seed list!

I thought it would be nice to put our seed lists up so people know what we have extra of for trade. Never know what goodies you may see on some ones list that you just cant live without. So I will post my list and hope that others will also join in and post their list of seeds for trade...then we can just PM each other to make some great trades!

My haves for your haves!!

I will edit my list as things become spoken for.


Orange star zinnia
White star zinnia
Pink aster
trumpet vine
Moon flower vine
Mixed california poppies
Dames Rocket
Butterfly bush Red
Purple aster
Mixed morning glories
Orange butterfly weed
Butter and eggs plant
White hardy hibiscus
Blackberry lily
Texas mountain laurel
Sedum black jack
Purple viola
Mixed coleus
Wild lavender iris
Pink Pampas grass


Early pea pods
Eggplant 'casper' (white)
Eggplant Oriental round purple
Eggplant Oriental Oval light green
Cherry belle radish
Greenbean mix (blue, burgandy and green)
Sugar baby watermelon
Dark green zucchini
Bird house gourd
Dipper gourd
Large bottle gourd
Loquat tree

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:shock: WoW Lilturtle.. I wouldn't mind being your neighbor..! Your yard must be beautiful with all these plants and flowers!

I'm just starting.. I put in 69 plants and shrubs this summer. I'm learning how to harvest the seeds so I can have a list like YOURS. Congratulations.. on your accomplishment :D . I am envious..

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LOL..well thank you, some of that is harvested from my yard but by no means all of it..I wish! I am working on it:)

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I would be interested in some pink pampass grass, but the only things I have that will become available for trade will be Himilayan Blackberries and Air Layered Lilacs (white and purple melded to form bluish/pinkish purple and deep dark rich purpl) and neither will be ready for trade until after this harvest season is close to being halfway done :(

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would you know if I can grow your "Texas mountain laurel" here in the Philippines?

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I would love to have some of your sedum black jack, orange butterfly weed and datura vine. my list is on seed swapping forum. just let me know what you would like. thanks!!

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