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Patio and my Dogs

Hello everyone! :D

I am building a rock patio and I was told that I can skip the gravel but need to use sand. Then when I was telling my friend what I was doing she said that I need to be careful because the sand will attract ants and a certain type of worm. She also said that if my dogs lay on the sand it will cause them problems because of the worms.

Now I am sure there are others like me but my dogs are like my children and there safety and comfort is usually my first thought when doing anything in my yard. I have not been able to find anything to confirm or deny what my friend said. Does anyone know if what she said is true or false?

Any assistance I would truly appreciate. :)

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I haven't heard of anything like this . . . Whipworm eggs can survive on the ground (sand included), but the dogs would have to ingest the eggs somehow. Heartworm (the other worm to worry about in your area) is spread only by mosquitos. This may be something to discuss with your veterinarian.

I'd be interested in hearing what you find out--I have 2 dogs of my own.

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I think this question might be better directed to your veterinarian. I am doubtful that it is true but I'm not an expert on canine parasites.

If you are talking about a flagstone slab patio I would question the advice that you don't need a compacted gravel base. Accepted practice varies a little depending on the soils but generally I specify that 9" to one foot of soil be removed (more in worst case situations), landscape fabric lines the area, a layer (around 4" - 6") of compacted, washed crushed gravel, usually another layer of landscape fabric, 2" - 4" of sand or rock dust and then the flagstone. If there is any question about the drainage the base excavation is sloped and drain pipe might be installed.

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