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Need help with new home backyard

I purchased a new home and the backyard will be a challenge. As you can see in the pics, it is quite overgrown. I would like some help on the below items. Thank you!

1. Weeds grow under the trees and around the top hardscaping. What can be down to make this area attractive with the least amount of on-going maintenance?

2. I can't get a mower to the top section which is 12ft x 12ft- what could I do with this area?

Thank you

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Re: Need help with new home backyard

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Re: Need help with new home backyard

In both cases, weed them out, add amendments to enrich the soil and plant with low growing ground covers. They will need to still be weeded and watered while young. Once established and filled in a good hardy ground cover will need very little maintenance. Your areas look very shady. Be sure you get shade tolerant plants. Ajuga, wild ginger, ferns, lily of the valley, sweet woodruff, heucherella, tiarella, vinca are some possibilities (but vinca is invasive and has to be watched or it will take over your yard).
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Re: Need help with new home backyard

Another vote AGAINST vinca minor :x

Let us know your location so more precise recommendations could be made. (best to put in your profile)
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