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Help with designing my perennial garden

This is my first time posting and have run into a little problem with designing my perennial garden. I decided to redo an old overgrown garden and plant some perennials. I bought some knockout roses, tickeseed, may night salvia, walkers low catmint, peppermint stick spirea, lambs ear and sedge evergold grass. This garden is on a slight hill with the back being at the top. I planted 5 knockout roses along the back to give it a border and am confused on how I should arrange and plant the rest of my perennials. I attached a picture of the garden and a drawing of the area with my plants. Any ideas on how to arrange them to make them look great? Thanks so much!
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Re: Help with designing my perennial garden

Here's what I'm picturing...
I'm not personally a fan of straight rows so I tried to stagger things a bit and alternate the use of color and texture, it might not be what you're looking for.
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