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New build end of terrace - Advice needed, sloping street

Hi everyone.

We recently moved into a new build property which is an end of terrace, the house is lovely and the garden has high fencing for the dog and is perfect apart from its natural slope due to being on a sloped road.

I have included some image for you to see. I do have some ideas but would like some help so that when I approach a gardening/landscape service I know what I am looking at.

1: The side of the house where the dip is which leads upto the gas/electric boxes, I would like to completely remove all planting/soil and level this off with either tarmac or some other recommendation as I am unable to ultilize this space, it also drags in all rubbish so cannot use as a garden area even if I was to fence it off. The other alternative would be to extend the main garden out which I have had permission for and then do some decking to level off on the inside as that will leave a big slope and unfinished paving/garden.

2: From the front door, around the front I would like this fenced off with a front or side entrance gate. The flowers and existing gravel/clay can be removed and replaced with either new topsoil and plants re-planted or stone gravel so I can then put pots down. This should be the simplest to do.
Thankyou very much.

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It would help if you update your profile with your zone and location.
The planting strips are narrow and it looks like it is right on the street.
As far as a gate by the front door. It would have to be something like the wrought iron fence in your picture. While it will give you more sense of enclosure it is a small space and a substantial fence would only make it look smaller. Also, because it is so close to the street and I can't tell how busy the street is and what line of sight is required.
Maintaining the plantings so close to the street may be difficult, so what plants you choose should be low maintenance.

Moving the fence out will make the yard a little bigger. The fence is good for privacy, but will create a lot of shadows.

Since the property slopes to the street, I would use a ground cover of some kind depending on the amount of sunlight it gets. My front yard slopes to the street and where there is no grass, I am constantly having to sweep the soil back into the bed. I have bricks on the end as a stop, but the soil still goes over the bricks. Gravel will have a similar problem of rolling down to the street when it rains. I do like the idea of the pots though. I am not so fond of the concrete slab at the side entrance. I would like to connect the front and side entrances more by putting large pavers or stones that will connect the doors. I have to say I am not fond of the pavers by the front door. They are functional but I just like something more organic and less geometric.
extend the rain downspout to exit closer to the street so when it rains it won't wash away all your soil.

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