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Advice for laying turf

Hi All,

New to the forum and new to the gardening scene.

Looking for some advice if possible...I would like to lay turf down in the garden.

We moved into the house a while back and there was a lot of pea shingle down.

This has been removed and what looks like clay soil underneath.

What steps would I need to take to lay turf on top of this?



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It is such a narrow space. If you don't have at least 6-8 hours of sun on the sides, most grasses won't grow well. The soil would need to be amended. How are you going to use this yard? I suggest if you want grass, you only plant grass in the middle where there will be enough light and some shade tolerant shrubs on the sides. In the future you can extend your living space better if you can build a deck at the back and put up a longer shed along the back and paint it to resemble a cottage front with an overhanging roof or pergola so you could put a couple of chairs and a table there to sit out. Maybe a firepit could be worked into the design.
try to round out the pavers in the front and don't plant a line of shrubs. You want a destination at the end of the journey but you want some curves to give the illusion of a bigger space. If you make straight lines it will look more like an alley.

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Here's a picture of what imafan is talking about:


Notice how level changes are incorporated, makes the small, narrow, flat space more interesting. Note that although they basically have a straight path from front patio to raised back patio, they made it more appealing by using irregular pavers and angling some.

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