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Save my front lawn


I'm looking to update a front lawn and garden that I inherited from the previous owners. I'm not crazy about the design. Also, it has been difficult to grow grass without patchy areas.

I'm thinking about merging the two gardens and moving around some plants. I also want to extend the garden to the driveway and road, where the grass has been especially difficult to grow. I'd continue to edge with rock. I'm not sure if this would be overkill or look stupid

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It looks like a very old lawn. It might be better to replant than try to save it. The soil underneath is probably compacted and if it is full of weeds and invaded by other grasses, it would be easier to kill it all, amend the soil and replant with a good grass. This does need to be done at the right time of year for your area and with a grass suitable to your location. You can hire it out or you can do it yourself in stages.

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