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Landscaping to cover foundation and AC on north side of hous

I live in mid-eastern Tennessee-zone 5. We have a longggg house. The roadside of the house is 80' long(the garage wall.) and faces north. The garage's roadside view is broken by 3-6' X 4' windows with orange shutters and 2 garage entry doors painted to match the beige vinyl shingles. The large AC unit is also there on a cement foundation. I want to plant shrubs that will mask the foundation and hopefully the AC unit. I am willing to move the plantings out 15' from the foundation so they can get almost full sun. Have dithered over this for 2 years since removing 20 oakleaf hydrangeas which just looked messy. Any suggestions?

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Do you want shrubs that produce fruit, offer shelter for wildlife, evergreens, conifers, native plants, flower, fall foliage? How high do you want them? 3 feet, 5 feet, taller? The AC unit, have you considered setting up lattice panels and growing vines on them? Leave room for maintenance work on the house and the AC unit. Also, you need to leave room for access to any utility or water lines in the front yard.

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A couple pictures would really help!

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I'm in way south east TN (Chattanooga area). Not that far from you, but zone 7. Maybe you are in the mountains?

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