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Repair and update entryway/step slope in backyard

Hello! I am hoping to get some advice and guidance, as I am a landscaping novice, on how to update and spruce up the entrance area/step into our screened-in porch. It is on a bit of an incline and just has 3 large pavers and some cement slabs holding it up currently. Over time it has worn down even further so we avoid using the door. (Please excuse the shape of the door, we are replacing it next week.)

We would like to do something to make it functional, sturdy, and visually pleasing as well. I would love to get some suggestions from the great minds on this forum. I appreciate your suggestions!

Feel free to ask any questions necessary to give feedback. I am hoping you will have some ideas I can flush out and get started on.
Side- Wide shot
Side- Wide shot
Corner close-up
Corner close-up
Entry area-front view
Entry area-front view

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Re: Repair and update entryway/step slope in backyard

I would dig it out and make a cement step there, and then where the path is put some stepping stones.

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