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Hmmm...what to plant here...?

Since I got some great ideas in my last thread regarding the backyard, I'd figure I'd pick your brains again. This time I am looking for some ideas on the side of my house. This side usually gets between 5-6 good hours of sunlight. I'm in zone 7.

Along the back (closest to the retaining wall), I'm looking to place some hedges or shrubs there to block the view of the bottom driveway - we like our privacy. That's about all I have at this point... :D

So, what would you guys fill this space with? What type of hedges/shrubs would you put to block out the view of the rear driveway and create privacy? I am going to be pulling up those ugly metal boarders and moving those roses - they have seen better days... Also, I might be changing the shape of the bed. I'm not sure on that just yet...open to ideas!


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I recommend Liliac bushes. They grow fast (just add compost to their soil) and they have beautiful flowers!
All liliac are ment to be trees, but you can easily turn it into a bush just by pruning it the correct way. Super easy.

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I say hostas in the shady parts! They come in all kinds of colors and sizes and they are super impressive when properly placed!

Hydrangea are better for the background, they get a good bit larger than hostas. You could plant azaleas, they like a little shade. If you wanted something edible, blueberries would do well there! That sunny part in the front there I might would do day lilies or coneflowers, black eyed Susans with a nice rose bush in there.

You could line the whole border with liriope.

All those things come back every year too.

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They do make dwarf varieties of lilac if you wanted something more compact without having to do a lot of pruning.

I think that spot would look nice planted with a "woodland" feel. Oakleaf hydrangeas can tolerate more sun than the traditional mopheads and I think they offer a bit more interest throughout the seasons. Their leaves turn a nice burgundy in the fall and they come in various sizes. Some mountain laurels might offer evergreen structure but they tend to like some shade. I have the 'Sarah' variety that's supposed to be able to tolerate more sun. Mine get morning sun until about noon and have done really well! One of them is in more sun than the others and hasn't thrived quite as well, but it also got chomped by deer over the winter so that's a contributing factor. Hostas, as mentioned above, come in lots of pretty shades and sizes. I love them mixed in with ferns, coral bells, and astilbe. Brunera adds some brightness to the shade with its silvery foliage. It's a really nice combination to play with texture and color in the shade. On the sunnier side I'd say play with the same concepts to keep a unified feel.

When you mention wanting shrubs for privacy, what are you picturing exactly? How much height? Evergreen or deciduous?

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