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Ideas for my backyard collection of water

So I just bought this house 6 months ago and there was no water pooled anywhere so I guess they sold to me at the perfect time you could say.
after a few days of rain now the very back of my yard has a newly formed pond (see pics below), after doing some investigating lol or well I asked my new neighbors if they ever seen that problem behind my house before. I was told that the previous owner blamed them for it but she said they never did anything to their property to make water go in my backyard. well thank you google earth and your look back feature I found proof of them never doing anything to alter there yard (see picture below) lol. and you can see where they tried to add dirt to the back of my yard also to fix the water going there im guessing the house was empty at the time the previous owner stayed there on and off.

anyway just wondering if anyone has any ideas of things I can do to help get rid of the water. all the trees you see in the pictures are gone now up to the point it turns into a small wooded area and you can see the pitch that drops from both my neighbors yards to that point. now my yard is clay heaven so this stuff can take a month or 2 to drain. should I just build up that part of my lawn since only that back part floods or should I run a French drain.

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Re: Ideas for my backyard collection of water

Location would help. Also, are there any small drainage ditches or creeks nearby that you could drain the water into?

My personal thought would be to dig out the wet area and pile the resulting soil to form a berm around the new shallow pond. I would make a little bog/vernal pool garden. Just think of all the possibilities and toads, frogs, salamanders you could have there!

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