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What to plant pool side???

Hello there! We are first time home owners and slowly making some improvements to the house and the yard. It's taking forever and I know it will never end!! (But it's fun)!

We live in Clearwater FL and we're looking to plant some tropical plants or palms overlooking the pool. Any advice is appreciated!!...

Our screened-in pool is situated on the side of the house and we have two small planter boxes built into the pavers surrounding the waterfall, about 6' long and only 7" wide and 7" deep. And it's only about 6" from the screen.

The previous home owners planted some sort of palm tree in these tiny spaces - and we just had them removed over concern of the roots damaging our pool and screen. The roots seemed to be invasive and the proximity to the pool was worrisome. That said, I absolutely LOVED these palm trees!!!!

I have some pictures (before and after) here:

We left the palm trees in the corners of the screened area but removed them around the waterfall. I love them because they had leaves falling over into the pool and yet they grew tall enough to really fit the space and make the area feel bigger (our screen is 2-stories high). It also provided great privacy from our neighbors. It just felt very tropical and lush.... I'm hoping to accomplish that same look and function, without the hassle of a crazy root system. Yet these planter boxes are so small and squished against the screen. I have no idea what to do!


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Re: What to plant pool side???

Bananas, hibiscus, cannas(they have a worm problem-but if you spray-they're gorgeous), gingers, plumeria, angel trumpets, bird of paradise, rubber trees. All can be planted in large pots if you like. The plumeria will die in temps below 40, plant in large pots and bring inside for winter.
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