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Looking to landscape 24ftx3.5ft space behind garage

Hi! I have about a 24 ft by 3 1/2 ft space on the back of my garage. There is currently only landscape rock there, but I'm thinking it would be a good spot for a garden (it is full sun). It is slightly slanted, but not terrible. A few questions:

- What type of raised garden bed would work best (I'm in MN!)? I've been looking at some cedar ones, but not sure how they'll hold up to our winters!

- Will I be okay planting these on the hill?

- Do I do the whole 24 ft or do something else in the middle/on the sides?

- Any other ideas as to what to do with this space if not a garden?


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Re: Looking to landscape 24ftx3.5ft space behind garage

If you want wood , cedar is the best . You could use the rock you have piled up for a low wall. Or concrete block . Or the bed doesn't have to be boxed in, just maybe a low edging at the front to keep mulch in and grass out.

But I don't know how a bed that backs up against the garage can be in "full sun." If that garage wall faces south , that would be the closest .

You have a lot of choices for what to do with that nice amount of space . Personally I might put in a mixed shrubbery border .

Serviceberry , bear berry , ceanothus , gooseberry / currant , viburnum are all nice choices, with berries birds like , fragrant flowers for butterflies , etc.
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Re: Looking to landscape 24ftx3.5ft space behind garage

It would be better not to put the vegetable bed right up against the garage wall.

1. It is better to have a maintenance path to work the vegetable bed and also to work on the foundation and the garage wall itself. You don't really want to put water constantly at the foundation of a house, over time it seeps in and lets in bugs and here it would invite termites to eat your house.
2. Garage overhangs and the garage will shade the back row. The wall will cut off air circulation in the back row of plants.
And if the garage is made of wood you don't want wet soil and water on that wall because eventually it will rot.
3. Unless that garden bed faces south, you will end up with it being in shade for a few hours a day.
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