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Ground Cover Zone 5a new house to us

We closed on a house on May 1st still unpacking but I have to do something about ground cover. Put down some seed and its doing really well. The old owner really did a number on the hillside to the yard and house. I need to put something down the will cover the hillside choke out these weeds and try to keep that dirt in place. Any suggestions. I need something easy to control once it spreads out and want it to look full.

Here is a link to the pics of the hillside I need to take care of. ... 3872411681

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Re: Ground Cover Zone 5a new house to us

Ground cover is a good idea. Were you hoping for it to be evergreen?

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Re: Ground Cover Zone 5a new house to us

Vinca Minor may be a good choice for ground cover. It does spread rapidly and can be invasive but a weed eater and steel edging can control the spread. Small leaves, evergreen ? IDK about in your region. Dense growth - good for erosion control.

Good luck

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