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Moles, I want them to DIE...

They are in my bermuda lawn, I want them dead, I'm ready to use the Bill Murray technique...... Help me please. I want fast and lethal!!!!

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Did you ever find a solution for this? To kill or not to kill? That is the question. I'm having the same problem.

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mole problems

:) we had a problem with moles in our bermuda grass also what we
did that was affective
where ever the mole hole is you can tell by dirt piled up and you can see raised sections of dirt like a trial under ground what we did was put the
garden hose in the hole to drown them after about 10 minutes of drenching the hole a mole came up out of the ground picked it up with
shovel and got rid of it
we had repeated this technique and got about 3 moles total
and haven't see them since hope this info helps you

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I heard that a stick of juicy fruit gum works great too... just place them near any opening 8)

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all these tips and tricks you find online are gimmicks and may have worked by freak accident. I use regular mouse traps with peanut butter or velveeta cheese onthem and put them near a main hole with a shoe box over it with only a little mouse size hole in the one end. Gets them everytime. I got 6 last year and three this year so far uising this technique and I also used the hose technique but when they cam out I hit them with a spade shovel. If you do not kill them they will keep coming back and you have to get them all by winter befopre they breed and you have continuous problems every year. :twisted:

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