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Soil Prep

Hi. 2nd question since I just joined the forum 5 minutes ago. Question is regarding soil preparation. I am in the planning stage to plant ground cover on 2 sides of my house that are on slopes. Type of ground cover is not yet determined, but probably some type of ice plant that can grow well here in San Diego. Approx. size of the 2 slopes is 1700 sq. ft. Yesterday we removed all of the weeds (a lot) and I only need to do some minor grading before planting. But I would like to amend the soil before planting to reduce weed growth and provide the proper nutrients to have healthy ground cover. I am lost in terms of what to put in the soil and how to apply it (rake it into the soil?). Any advice?


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Re: Soil Prep


yes, decide on the ground cover.

some prefer different conditions.
regrets, a "plant" is not necessarily a "plant"

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Re: Soil Prep

don't think you'll be able to amend the soil to keep weeds out. Remember, weeds are a plant, so if the soil is good, gets water and sun, the weeds will grow well there as well. In fact, if weeds are thriving, might be a good spot for you ground cover. :D

You'll just have to put out a pre emergence or control the weeds some other way as the ground cover fills in.....there are probably plenty of nutrients and such in this spot. If you see a spot where the weeds wont grow, now there is a spot that has a problem and would need a lot of love for you plants.

don't over think it. Remember, the topsoil you buy at the store is called top soil for a reason, and you probably have plenty of "topsoil' already. The weeds you just pulled probably loved it living in it :lol:

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