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moss and patches

I saw a post on using Dawn soap and or bleach with water to kill moss. Is there a specific proportion of how much soap or bleach to water I should put into a spray bottle so that it doesnt end up hurting the grass? Its very shady as we have trees all over and they pretty much block out the morning light.

Also I am finding bald patches in my lawn where the dirt seems to be very dry and silty. Any recommendations on how to enrich the soil and get lawn to start growing again?

For both problems so far I've used weed&feed, lyme and some potassium/nitrate.


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Trying to grow lawn grasses in very shady conditions is a losing proposition, even the most shade tolerant of lawn grasses will not do well in moderate to deep shade. Grasses easily out compete moss given suitable growing conditions. My recommendation would be learn to love the moss or look into other groundcovers more suited to lower light conditions. Many of the sedges do well lower light conditions but most of them require moist conditions. You could also look at Asarum, Pachysandra, Vinca minor, Galium, Lamium or other lower light adapted groundcovers. If you merely kill the moss it is likely to be replaced with opportunistic weeds rather than lawn grass.

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