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Patio pavers

I have taken on a HUGE project of installing a patio next to my deck to increase my outdoor living area. I have hired a digger to come in and clear out my area 6 inches deep. All the topsoil has been removed and I am sitting on red clay. I plan to bring in about 4 inches of limestone and less than an inch of sand before laying the pavers.... but purchasing pavers has not been an easy decision for me. Because Wisconsin has a lot of frost, I have been overwhelmed with "advice" to make sure to avoid the "big box stores" for pavers. I am told that if the pavers do not have a great compression to them, the frost will crumble them in a few years. However, the local cement/brick/block shop is THREE times the price and when I am looking at 500 square feet, that price goes up ALOT! When looking online, I cannot even find compression information or even frost guarantees and I am stuck... Where do I find this information?

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I can't answer your question, but have you thought about just having a poured concrete patio? I have seen estimates usually between $2.40 and $4 a square foot for having a poured concrete patio put in. If you are having it put in you can have it colored, with a variety of finishes, etc.

When we bought our house, it came with a grey slab concrete patio. We hired someone to come in with a concrete saw and cut grooves in it, cutting it in to large squares. Then we stained it terra cotta. It makes quite a good imitation of pavers.

This was meant to be a picture of my raised beds sitting on top of the patio, but it shows a little of the fake pavers:


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You could have it poured and stapped, they have a nuber of patterns to stamp the concrete with.

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In England where I live we use a lot of Indian Stone for paving patios, drives and paths. This is natural stone so pretty much impervious to frost damage. The price is very competitive and I would imagine the same where you are. The range of colours are bewildering too. This may be a good option for you to consider.

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