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Transforming Anderson Shelter Project

hi there.I need big ideas to transform a very ugly anderson shelter resembling Bilbo Baggins dwelling/ancient burial mound. It's placed ten feet from my recently renovated fifteenth century thatched cottage. It's surrounded by a york crazed paving area. In the past it has been a grassy hillock and then a rockery, but now I want much lower maintenance ,utilising all the natural york stone, brown pebbles and granite offcuts that I have in abundance. I can change the shape as I have loads of topsoil. I have in mind something with water and steps, it's got to be very elegant and tranquil and blend in with my cottage and white Chinese style dovecote. Phew, I'm not picky.

Any ideas?

I can send picture if necessary.

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Well when I hear Bilbo Baggins and Chinese dovcote in the same paragraph, I think of a round door (favorite of both Mandarins and hobbits). A tall order, but a great start...

Pictures always help. No promises (14 and 16 hour days right now; I am in the nursery trade), but let's take a look anyway...


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Do post a photo - the mental image I am getting isn't at all ugly! I'll be more than happy to come up with some ideas too. :)

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