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garden aids for working without bending

because of a compression fracture :cry: I can not bend,lift,twest,push,pull. Please do not tell me my garden days are done for :roll: !!
the garden & yard is in bad need of work :!: The big thing now is all of the dead plant tops from last year that I always cut off. Some are stoping the new grouth & bending over new shubs.
I have been looking for something like a long (light) handle that at the end had a cutter that would cut to the side :idea:
does anyone know of anything out there that would work like that :?:
I'm also looking at buying a three prong weed puller & would like some input on how they work.
Thanks for any help

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I've had quite the litany of injuries and long-term physical problems, but haven't (to my knowledge) experienced a compression fracture. I do have a compressed C-5 nerve and other mobility impairments and haven't been able to kneel, squat, bend while twisting, or several other "normal" gardening positions for several years. If you can give me a better understanding of the limitations this injury places upon you, I *may* be able to make suggestions.

Are you working with a physical therapist to maintain/regain strength and flexibility in the affected area(s) of the body?

Most of my own gardening activities are performed either from a standing position or by leaning directly over with knees just barely unlocked (but straight). Oh, yes: I also have a 5-gallon bucket with a seat screwed into the top that I can sometimes sit on and work from.

We've only had one thread (that I could find tonight) focusing on gardening for people with disabilities: It deals with overall garden layout and other considerations.

What do you already have in place in the way of accommodations? How established is your garden?

Can you raise your arms above your head? Can you use your arms at shoulder level? I have a couple of tools I use for pruning (and I have two partially torn rotator cuffs), but don't know if recommending them would be helpful for you, so pls advise on arm mobility.

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I have no trouble reaching up or out :D
my back trouble is at T11 (1/2 way between top & bottom of spine)
I have been working with no trouble tell this happened Feb 23 2012 :cry:
we moved in here 38 years ago & started a 60 foot X 30 foot garden for 5 kids & us ASAP then added more areas around our home on 2 city size lots (not much that is not garden/flowers/shubs left) :oops:
I was now told (no supprise) that I will never work again & can not do anything without changing every 30 mins X no bending & more on the list=if I do I get back spasms=
I like the pail with chair on it then I can set where needed (I have benches but not where the work is)I will also add a back for support there :idea:
Jim does what he can but his hands are full, he also cooks & cleans :D
I'm 64 in Aug & Jim is 67 this month :roll: How time flys :lol:

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