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Questions about Blue Star creeper..invasive??

Hi, I just bought four tiny flats of Blue Star Creeper, thinking I would break each into mini plugs and plant them on a hill in our backyard that doesn't seem to grow grass well. Also, I was hoping we could grow something there that would sort of blend in with the grass around it, and wouldn't have to mow that part. The are is maybe 5x10' in between two trees. I was just reading something online that worried me about this really spreading and "taking over." Would you recommend this plant? Does it take over the surrounding grass, or just grow up to the existing grass after it spreads? Could it climb over the mulch of the two nearby trees and hurt those? Please advise..I'd rather return it and look for something else if this is a bad plant.

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It spreads by rhizomes but is low growing so it won't climb and it can be walked on without damage. I would but it up to individuals taste.

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Hi..I'm interested in your idea of using blue star creeper as ground cover.

I've used the different star creepers in mini Planters and as an accent here or there in my herb or flower garden andalong walks. They are such attractive plants and I love their dainty flowers. . each plant could be divided in half to multiply the amount.

It will probably take some attention to get them established without other plants, weeds encroaching since they are tiny.
Let us know how it works.

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Hello AnimalBabe. Ken here in the Chicago area. Yes, I would recommend
this plant. And yes, it can become invasive if it likes where it is growing. It wants
full sun or part shade in the hottest climates. Keep it in check by cutting the plant
and its underground root to stop growth. If you stay on top of it, it isn’t so much
work. I hope this helps. Good luck and take care.

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I just adore this plant. For me in the Pacific Northwest, I just could not get it to take hold, too cold, and probably not enough sun. You have a beautiful idea. Good luck.

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