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Seeking Landscaping Advice and the dreaded weed control

Hi Everyone, recently I posted questions on weed control with my lawn, and I am grateful for the advice. Next I need to attack the landscaping.

Previous owner created a border around the side of the house, placed some weed netting and tossed about 2-3" of white rock (small rounded stones), put some perennials (unknown variety) and tiger lilies.

The netting does nothing to stop the weeds and I honestly don't know what
to plant, and if I try to plant, will it make it through the rocks?

Also, I HATE the white stones and wondered if there is value in leaving wood chips on top or am I asking for trouble and should try to get rid of the stones.

Last question is the netting, which didn't stop the weeds at ALL. I was a bit peeved over this, and wanted some common sense advice. If this is a bit rambling, I apologize. The last yard was pretty manageable and for this place it's insane. What would you recommend as good weed control that won't kill the plants that I want?

I really want to clean this yard up before winter. If I CAN plant yet this year that is my goal. Thank you for your advice!

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To start with, I would get rid of all the netting and all the stone. It is all just a weedy mess getting in your way and accomplishing nothing. If you like the perennials that are there, you may have to cut the netting in pieces to remove it without removing the perennials. Otherwise you can just rip everything out. If you just lift up the netting like a bag, a lot of the stone should come up with it. Otherwise, just rake the rest out.

It is not too late to plant perennials. If it is still hot where you are, it may be a little too early. You don't want to try getting things established when it is hot and dry. But early Sept, once the weather breaks is good.

Re what to plant, tell us a little more about the space, how big it is, sun exposure (which side of the house is it on), soil type, etc.

Once you plant things, just lay down a good layer of mulch for weed suppression. It will have to be renewed seasonally, but as it breaks down it feeds the soil.

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The problem with weed barrier is people especially when stone is dropped on top of it. Unbeknownst to them one must be careful dropping stone on top of plastic, it does break. I used weed barrier and river rock and never had a weed problem because I didn't abuse the situation. People are lazy and take shortcuts.

Yes you can pull up the barrier and be careful because you can get almost all of the stone but you do not need to get it 100% clean espcially if you have clay soil. If you are landscaping around your house, what they call "foundation planting" you might want to use woody as well as perennial plants. Go to and chose the plants you would like. I'd also visit the college that has a horticulture department and see what plants are available, myself I dislike taxus, topiary junipers and arborvitae. People know you have a foundation so it is hideous to try to hide it with the ugly type of evergreens. One plant that I love and will not do well in NC is potentilla which blooms all summer in WI. Visit a garden center and see what is available and purchase plants larger then 1 gallon but spread the cost out over a couple of seasons and remember you have straight lines on your house so soften the landscaping with free flowing lines and plant is odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 for effect.

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