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Driveway fiasco

Hi guys , this is my first post and I'm in need of some desperate help.
I have had a nightmare with a driveway and landscape contractor. To make this short , they stated 6-9 working days to complete the job . 3 months later, its still not right . They destroyed the tarmaced pavement right outside with the mini digger , and made a botch of the small wall I asked for . They have tried to botch the pavement by filling in all the scars and ruts with grey cement , and then painting it with a bitumen paint . I wanted a full relay of new tarmac. everything that could go wrong on this job did . I'm just looking for any help in what I can do .

Help .

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I would personally suggest hiring a different contractor for the job. I don't have a lot of experience in what you need help for but, I'm sure that some of our members must have experience in this sort of landscaping.

If anyone can offer any help, please feel free to post your knowledge.

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Peter, so sorry to hear this. I do hope you have a contract with these people that spells out what damage they are responsible for and how they will repair any damages. You do need to keep a photo and paper record of all that occurs. You may find yourself in court over this.

I don't normally refer people to another forum, but here's a conversation about just such an occurance that might be helpful.


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